I'm a full time Artist
working mainly within the Vtuber & Furry communities.

Prices displayed are a base price,
and may be more depending on complexity.
I can give a more accurate quote with reference images
and full commission details, so will need these to be provided before a final quote is given.
You must be 18 or older in order to commission me!

Commissions are in order of payment received,
but Ko-fi Club Members get first priority.
You can become a Ko-fi Club Member by supporting me from just
£2 a month via Ko-fi.
This would get you the rights to skip the queue ahead of public commissions.

I always aim to get commissions done within the month quoted, taking my entire queue into consideration.

You can contact me via the form above ⬆️ to make a commission request, & I will be in touched via your preferred method of contact.

All commissions are inked, coloured & shaded to the same standard unless specified otherwise.

Commission Prices / Last updated January 2024Character Art Commissions
Portrait: £30
Half Body: £45
Full Body: £65
Telegram Stickers (shaded)
Half Body: £30
Half Body + YCH: £40
Two Character Half Body: £60
Telegram Stickers (flat colour)
Half Body: £20
Half Body + YCH: £30
Two Character Half Body: £40
Special Commissions
Profile Icons: £30
Pet Portraits: £30
Reference Sheets: £35
Twitch Emotes: £30
Candygore Art: £40+
Polaroid Portraits: £45+
PNGtuber Commissions: £55+
Background Art
Simple / Condensed background: £30
Complex background: £70
(Can be added to any base commission to turn it into a full illustration.)

For artwork examples, Your Character Here options & other special commission options available, please visit:

We also have a group chat attached to the Telegram Channel. Feel free to join!

My art gallery is hosted on my Ko-fi.All completed artwork is visible to the public. WIPs/Sketches are available for Ko-fi Members as well as those that tip or buy from my Ko-fi Shop at £1+

Supporting me via Ko-fi Membership not only helps my career as an artist to grow and become more stable; it also gives you...

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Watch me draw LIVE on Twitch TV!We also wind down after drawing with games including FFXIV, various point n click games, and other indie titles.
I have an interest especially in story driven wholesome games.
I also have a Caard for my FFXIV characters:

Our Discord Server is a shared community between myself and my wife,
which is at the center of our social space.
Not only can you keep up with what streams are happening, but you can also join in discussions about various topics;
from creative to games to photos and more!

Getting back into making videos for YouTube, mostly clip compilations from our Twitch shenanigans!
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These are Assets that I currently use on stream, or within our Discord Community.

A variety of assets made by myself.

Used for Discord headers in Rules & Updates Channels.

Used for Scene Backgrounds.

Used for Animated Alerts, as well as header banners in my Twitch Panels.

Used during streams when I'm playing Switch games or other games that involve a controller being used.

Cherry Blossom Background used as part of my Scene Backgrounds.

Tablet Asset used during Art segment of streams.

Cherry Blossom Background used as part of my Scene Backgrounds.

Used for !bonk command during streams.

Various Backgrounds used as part of my Scene Backgrounds.

Various Backgrounds used as part of my Scene Backgrounds.

Used for my Twitch Schedules.

Used for my Twitch Panels.

Used as part of my Stream Assets.

Used as Stream Assets & on Social Media.

Used for Vertical Chat on some scenes.

Used for Horizontal Chat on some scenes.

Used in YouTube for clip edits.

Terms of Service

Last Updated: 11/1/24

By commissioning Werepuppy Creations, you agree to the TOS, and confirm that you are at least 18 years of age.If at any point you are found to be lying about your age, you may be permanently blacklisted from commissioning me in the future.An email address will be required for invoicing and for sending finished commissions afterwards.By providing your email, you consent to me emailing you in regards to the commission, but this information will not be passed on to any third party and you will not be placed on any mailing list.Email addresses may be stored on my Gmail account for future commissions.

REFERENCESClear reference art must be provided when commissioning.
If these references are traditional or digital shaded, an additional surcharge may be added onto the commission if changes are needed due colours not being made clear enough on the references provided.
References will also be required for clothing, accessories, props, and backgrounds where relevant. These can be emailed to [email protected] or sent via Social Media.You must provide some form of visual reference when commissioning. Description only commissions are not permitted due to the stress and extra communication needed, which cannot easily be translated into cost as this may vary from customer to customer.The only exception is with reference sheet commissions. This will involve additional fees depending on what information the client is able to provide. These fees will cover up to 3 alterations during the sketch & colour planning stages of the commission.References must provide the correct colours for picking. If a reference is heavily shaded, is traditional art, is in the form of photography, or features heavy pixelation from compression; Werepuppy does not take responsibility for colours being correctly picked, but will pick to the best of their ability. Changes that involve colour must be provided with colour swatches.References may be accompanied by a Picrew image, but may not rely entirely on Picrew to represent the character. Individual Picrews may have different TOS and this must be taken into account when providing them alongside other reference material. It is preferred that Picrew are not used as reference due to these complications.Final Fantasy XIV art commissions will come with some restrictions. A Gpose in a similar pose to how you want the character drawn is required for any half body & full body artwork. Outfits may be simplified depending on complexity of their design.Telegram Stickers involving FFXIV characters must be dressed in simple attire, and may not involve complex props such as great swords or other large weapons. If a client does want complex outfits & props, then please refer to the standard half body prices for commissions, and a telegram sticker file can also be provided.Artistic freedom is required regarding exact palette picking of the character since a flat colour reference is not possible regarding FFXIV characters using in game screenshots alone.Exceptions may sometimes be considered, but this will also come with heavy artistic freedom, and major changes will not be permitted, unless the artwork does not meet the pre-agreed requirements. If no requirements are given at the quote stage, you wave your right to ask for major changes.

QUOTE DETAILSMake sure that all details are clearly described at the quoting stage.
Corrections are allowed at sketch stage, but may be rejected further into the commission if the details were not provided at the time of your quote.
If a correction involves major editing of the pose, this will ONLY be permitted if the pose does not meet pre-agreed requirements. If no requirements are given at the quote stage, you wave your right to ask for major changes.If I make a mistake at any point during the commission it is my responsibility to correct that mistake, even if this is at my own expense.Changes may be requested with no additional cost before the commission is started. Once started, there may be a fee for changes depending on how much additional time it will add to the commission.Your position in the queue is not secure until after payment is received in full. Please be aware that Ko-fi members may slot in above Public commissions due to their VIP queue rights. Commissions are intended to be completed in the month they are quoted.Quotes are price locked for 1 month after which may be re-evaluated if client still wants to commission.If a client expresses interest in a commission, then drops contact before an agreement has been made, their quote details will only be held for 48 hours before being deleted.Once payment is agreed, invoice must be paid within 7 days otherwise will be cancelled. Commissions cancelled this way can be rearranged but must then be paid within 24 hours of agreed deadline.A payment date in advance can be pre-agreed, of which the 7 day deadline will start from.Once an invoice has been issued, you will get a temporary 24 hour hold on the slot you are commissioning for. If this is during the last few slots for that month's block, failure to pay within 24 hours may defer your commission to the following month's block. You will still get 6 days after this point to pay before your invoice is cancelled.You will receive a sketch of your commission before it's completion. This is the only point where you can ask for any major changes. By confirming the sketch is OK, you waiver your right to ask for any major changes. Minor changes are permitted as long as it does not require any heavy line-art editing.Requesting multiple changes during the sketch stage may result in extra fees if your request for changes are not clear, or you request something that wasn't specified at the initial quote stages. Major changes after the sketch is approved may also be permitted by paying an extra fee.Edits of completed commissions are available for an additional fee of £5 for sketch sticker/doodle refs, and from £10 for other commissions. Edits are permitted up to 3 months after a commission is completed.

CONTENT USAGECommission details (Including social media contact details, details about the commission, how much it costs, and ref sheets/images) are not kept private, and are posted to my Trello, and WIPs are posted to my Ko-fi.Final images will be uploaded to Ko-fi, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr & Instagram.Clients may only post artwork to social media that has been signed. Artwork without signature may only be used for specific purposes;- Telegram Stickers
- Twitch / Youtube / Discord emotes
- Stream/Video overlay assets
A signed version that can be shared to social media will be provided for these type of commissions.

CANCELLATIONIf you wish to cancel a commission, you may receive a partial refund of 90% of the total commission price, which is only available if no work has been made on the commission in question.After work has started, you may still receive a partial refund of 80% of the total commission price at the sketching stage. However all rights to the sketch will be revoked and the sketch may be resold as a YCH.After the sketch has been confirmed, you wave all right to any refund, and the work will be competed.If a cancellation occurs due to my own decision, you will receive 100% of the commission price.

REGARDING MERCH / COMMERCIAL RIGHTSBadges are digital only. You are free to print/laminate them yourself.You are free to get merch made of commissioned art for personal use, including for giving away as gifts / prizes.Commercial rights (for digital use) are available as default for the use as Profile Images, Stream Assets, Video Assets, or used in combination with other advertising graphical material, as long as credit is given.
For other uses please ask.
Commercial rights regarding Merch Production are available to purchase for the same price as the commissioned artwork.(E.g. If you buy a portrait for £25, you can pay another £25 for commercial rights and get access to a copy of the artwork without signature for printing)Unwatermarked and signature-free versions of artwork are provided for those that pay for Commercial Rights. These versions must only be used for printing & for being made into merchandise. The signed version must still be used for any posting to social media.Nothing made by Werepuppy Creations may be used in any blockchain-related technology, to include NFTs, cryptocurrency, or future inventions in the space.I also do not permit the use of any of my art to be used in AI Art.

PAYMENT PLANSI am no longer offering Payment Plans on commissions. If you need to spread the cost, please contact a Bank and arrange a loan to handle spreading out the cost.